Production Information and Rates for
Lo/no budget (video) production requests

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I have had many request for availability and rate quotes for lo/no budget productions. Let's start with an understanding of what production involves.

A director dictates the tone and style of a project with the help of the cinematographer and production designer as the creative team. The production staff, specifically the 1st AD and/or the unit production manager, work in conjunction with the director to set production specifications. This person, after talking with the director and script breakdown, is skilled to know what it takes and what is a reasonable schedule and budget.

It has been my experience and is standard in the industry that for professional productions to run smoothly, to be on time and to work without excessive stress, it takes proper planning. Not all of the staff positions have to be a single person and many times requires that some will be wearing multiple hats on a lo/no budget production.

For my part as a cinematographer, below is my current day rate for lo/no budget productions. By reading the script, knowing the production specifications, budget, scheduling and knowing the vision of the director, I can give you a more accurate dollar amount for time and equipment, and if there are scheduling conflicts. So, what are the steps needed to considered your project:

1. A script (in script format)
2. Breakdown sheets (from script: paper, spreadsheet or production software)
3. Production schedule (from breakdown: hardcopy or production software)
4. Production budget (from scheduling and cost: hardcopy or production software)
5. Crew list contacts (hardcopy or production software)
6. Funding (percent of budget target)

For a lo/no budget production short, contemporary time period, no special effects, simple shoot (few locations), the camera department will need a minimum (video) crew of: an assistant camera, gaffer, key grip, plus two reliable production assistants assigned to the department. For a feature this would be a hard and rough shoot on the crew and a bigger crew would be needed based upon the production specs (locations and equipment). The sound department will need a location tech/mixer and boom operator/assistant plus equipment. Other areas to consider are: location access and permits, casting, script and continuity, make-up, hair and wardrobe, set design and dressing, props and special effects, access to power, staging and logistics and facilities, craft services, call sheets, proper paper work and agreements, insurance, supplies and materials, just to mention a few.

Contrary to popular belief and the equipment manufacturers, it is not the latest equipment, but the people that make for a successful production. Start with a good story, a knowledgeable director, have great casting for actors, shoot and record with quality equipment by a professional crew, then you may have a chance at a great production. There is a list of crew contacts below. Day Rate (video): 650 Director of Photography/Cinematographer/camera operator.

For my part as an editor, below is my current rate which includes equipment for general editing. Again, knowing the project specifications and scheduling I can give you a more accurate dollar amount for editing time and if there are scheduling conflicts. Editing Rate: 50 per hour

Questions about film productions (16mm or 35mm), you can contact me for crew and equipment requirements and scheduling a meeting with the director along with a copy of the script.
Please let me know how I may help.

Best Regards,
David Pinkston

Crew Listing for Productions

Name - Positions Covered - Contact Information - Website
Extremely Important: When contacting the people below, include "Take One Cinema" as the referral source code.
Contact individuals for rates and availability. Listing is current as of 02-02-2009 and is not in any order.

Vincent M. Bearden - Steadicam Owner/Operator - (417) 234-3401, vincentmbearden@yahoo.com

Brittan Dunham - 2nd AC, Grip, PA - (469) 878-0579, brittanclaire@gmail.com

Jesse Freeman - Still Photographer, 2nd AD, Extras Coordinator - (903) 388-1939, jesse.rebekah@gmail.com - www.jessefreemanphotography.net

Micheal Gonzalez - Location Sound, Mixer - (817) 925-6462 - www.deadmenproductions.com

Sandy C Baumann - Producer, 2nd AD, Script/Continuity Supervisor - (214) 770-0076, sandyplano@yahoo.com

Chelsea Lee Makeup Artistry - Makeup Artist - (469) 544-8391

Joey Galt - 1st AD, Line Producer, Unit Manager, Locations - (469) 835-8081, joeygalt@yahoo.com

Frank Mosley - Producer, Editor, Casting - (817) 773-4971, frank3rdman@hotmail.com

Donatelle Mascari (The Makeup Maven, tm) - Makeup, Hair, Natural Makeup, Character & FX - (972) 233-0312, makeupmavn@aol.com (HD Specialist) - www.makeupmaven.com

Julianna Pabst - Makeup, Hair, Special FX - (972) 742-3202, juliannaskincare2@yahoo.com - www.juliannaskincare.com

Andrew Redd - Cinematographer, Gaffer, 1ST AC, 2nd AC - (469) 226-4082 h (972) 935-2206 c, andyred@yahoo.com - www.andrewreddstudios.com

Matt Dalrymple - Director, 1st AD, Producer - (214) 552-7733, mdalrymple@rolledit.com

Whitney Blake - Production Manager, 1st AD, Script/Continuity Supervisor - (817) 922-8850 (817) 919-4480, wblake@fullcirclemedia.com

Angie Thompson - Composer, Post Production Music, Sound Editing - (918) 333-8143, Doorno3music@aol.com - www.doorno3music.com

Johnny Marshall - Re-recording Mixer, Foley, ADR, Audio Post - (972) 484-1535 - www.marshallsounddesign.com

Ray N Hosack - Writer, Director, Producer - (817) 602-4108, ray@tritonentertainment.com - www.tritonentertainment.com

Art Hooker - Director, Producer, Writer - (817) 797-4251, arthooker@gmail.com

Christopher Simpson - Gaffer, Key grip, Grip & Electric - (817) 253-6114, chris@blackleaderfilms.com - www.blackleaderfilms.com

Daniel Laabs - 1st AD, Editor, Location/Studio Sound - (817) 913-3771, daniel.laabs@gmail.com

Lynne Reynolds - Producer, Unit Manager, Script Supervisor - (214) 448-7373, lynnereyn@aol.com

Damaris Gloria - Editor, Art Director, Script Supervisor - (956) 346-2707, damaris_g@yahoo.com

Ashley Hall - Art Department, Script Supervisor, 1st AD, 2nd AD - curleigh_@hotmail.com

M Legend Brown - Director, Writer, Producer - (214) 694-7768, biggmike_mike@yahoo.com - www.poorchildfilms.net

Michael Carpenter - 1st AD, Location Scout - (817) 909-9760, multimatumc@yahoo.com

Philip Ilami - Unit Manager, Locations, Logistics, Accounting (972) 322-2150, philip@tritonentertainment.com

Fedetico Chavez-Blanco - Composer, Sound Design, Arranger - (210) 412 4480, composer@federicochavezblanco.com - www.federicochavezblanco.com

Jason Croft - Director of Photography, Gaffer, Camera Operator - (817) 800.8413, jcroft@96shots.com

Kelly Kaelin - (Austin) Producer, Associate Producer, Line Producer - (817) 706-3887 (leave a message), kelly@kellykaelin.com

Adrian Testolin - Producer, 1st AD, 2nd AD, Unit Manager, Locations - (512) 739-1950, adrian.testolin@gmail.com

Marie Travis - Gaffer, Props/Set Decorator, PA - (817) 797-7414, speedymri@yahoo.com

Glenn Helm - Director, Director of Photography, Cinematographer - (214) 808-7771, ghelm@sbcglobal.net

Josh Melton - 2nd AC, Lighting Tech, Grip, Script Supervisor, 1st AD, 2nd AD - (214) 405-5674

Sean Koval - Camera Operator, Grip, Editor - (817) 637-3394

Jennifer Winberg - (Los Angeles) Research, Casting Assistance, Script Supervision - 940-594-4099, jenniferwinberg@gmail.com

Mary Ann McCarty - Production Accounting, Production Coordinator, PA on set - jesterma@yahoo.com

Raziq Brown - Script Supervisor, Gaffer, Key Grip, Production Assistant - (817) 676-6876, raziq.brown@gmail.com

Travis Petty - Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator - (214) 868-1651, travis@frozenfirefilms.com - www.frozenfirefilms.com

Brendan Feltrup-Exum - Pyrotechnics Assistant, Props, Grip - (817) 913-4390 brendan@feltrup-exum.com - www.feltrup-exum.com

Heather Renee Black - Makeup, Sound, Wardrobe - hrenee_black@yahoo.com