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Talent Agents - Texas

Linda McAlister Talent
100 Oak Lane
Waxahachie, TX 75167-8412
(972) 938-2433

The Horne Agency
4420 W. Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 350-9220

Campbell Agency
3838 Oak Lawn, #900
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 522-8991

Agency Dallas
1409 S Lamar St # 234
Dallas, TX 75215-6817
(214) 485-7200

Kim Dawson Agency
2710 N. Stemmons, #700
Dallas, TX 75207-2208
(214) 630-5161

Core Talent
P.O. Box 864377
Plano, TX 75086
(972) 527-3269

Mary Collins Agency
2909 Cole Ave, #250
Dallas, TX 75204-1307
(214) 871-8900

Acclaim Talent
4100 Manchaca Road
Austin, TX 78704

The Clutts Agency
4528 McKinney Ave, #103
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 761-1400
(214) 761-1402 fax

The Linicomn Agency
3905 Hedgcoxe Road, #250195
Plano, TX 75205-0195
(469) 547-1898

Heyman Talent - Dallas
2017 Young Street, Unit 2
Dallas, TX 75201

Callidus Agency
1717 McKinney Ave, #700
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 432-6122

Legacy Talent Agency
501 North IH 35
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 472 - 4729 office
(866) 454 - 4163

Talent Agency

3013 Fountain Dr, #240
Houston, TX 77057

Collier Talent Agency
2313 Lake Austin Blvd, #103
Austin, TX 78703
512.477.7267 fax

Calliope Talent
9330 Corporate Drive #202
Selma, Texas 78154
(210) 804-1055
(210) 804-2008 fax

Society of Cinematography

ABC - Brazil

Associação Brasileira de Cinematografia/Association of Brazilian Cinematographers

Founded in January 2000.

ACS - Australia

Australian Cinematographers Society

The ACS was founded by a group of cinecamera people in Sydney in 1958. Its Articles of Association were finalized in 1960.

ADF - Argentina

Asociación Argentina de Autores de Fotografía Cinematográfica

AEC - Spain

Asociación Española de Autores de Obras Fotográficas Cinematográficas

Founded in 1992 in Rome.

AFC - France

Association Française des Directeurs de la Photographie Cinematographique

AIC - Italy

Associazione Italiana Autori della Fotografia Cinematografica

Founded in 1950.

AIP - Portugal

Associação de Imagem Cinema - Televisão Portuguesa

Founded in 1998.

AMC - Mexico

Asociación Mexicana de Cinefotografos/Mexican Society of Cinematographers

Founded in 1992.


American Society of Cinematographers

Formed on 21 December 1918 and replacing the Cinema Camera Club [1913, New York] and the Static Club [1913, California]. The official charter was issued on 8 January 1919. Membership was [and is] by invitation only. William S. Hart and Mary Pickford were the first producers to place the letters 'A.S.C.' after the photographer's name in screen credits.

BSC - Great Britain

British Society of Cinematographers

In 1947, Bert Easey, head of the Denham Studio and Pinewood Studio camera departments, put forward the idea of forming a society of British cinematographers. Most of Britain's cameramen were gathered for an industry dinner at the Orchard Hotel in Ruislip. With the approval of the assembled gathering the British Society of Cinematographers Limited, with 55 original members, was born in September 1949.

BVK - Germany

Bundesverband Kamera/German Society of Cinematographers

Before WWII, Guido Seeber founded the 'Club Deutscher Kameramänner'. The CDK was disbanded during the Third Reich, but it was revived in 1950. In 1980, the organization was replaced by the Bundesverband Kamera.

CSC - Canada

Canadian Society of Cinematographers

The CSC was conceived in 1957 in the lobby of a film studio at Woodbine and Danforth in east-end Toronto. The idea for the Society originated with Herbert Alpert. Alpert said it was 'mostly out of pride' that he felt the need to establish a society similar to the American Society of Cinematographers, despite the small size of the film community in Toronto and in Canada in general.

DFF - Denmark

Dansk Filmfotograf Forbund

Founded in 1954.

fsf - Sweden

Föreningen Sveriges Filmfotografer/Swedish Society of Cinematographers

Founded in November 1961.

HSC - Hungary

Magyar operatörök társasága/Hungarian Society of Cinematographers

ICG/Local 600 - USA

International Cinematographers Guild [Local 600 IATSE]

IMAGO - Europe

IMAGO - European Federation of Cinematographers

IMAGO was founded in Rome on 13 December 1992 on the initiative of Luciano Tovoli and with the participation of the AIC, AFC, BSC and BVK.


ISC - India

Indian Society of Cinematographers

Founded in December 1995.

JSC - Japan

Japanese Society of Cinematographers

In December 1954, 75 cinematographers affiliated with the major studios founded the Nippon Cinematographer Club. The name was changed to Japanese Society of Cinematographers in 1960.

NSC - Netherlands

Netherlands Society of Cinematographers

Founded in 1994.

SBC - Belgium

Belgian Society of Cinematographers

On 4 April 1993, Luciano Tovoli invited ten Belgian cinematographers for an informal meeting, which was followed a week later by the decision to found an  association. On 11 December the bilingual statutes were signed.


Society of CameraOperators

The SOC, formed in 1978, is an honorary organization composed of several hundred men and women internationally, who make their living operating film and/or video cameras. The SOC was incorporated in 1981 in California.

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